The Empirical Order / Church is fundamentally founded on one belief that should be acceptable to people of all faiths and cultures :


“Where there is charity and love, God is there!”

   Such that it should be the daily effort of all humanity to by their will and effort commit acts of charity and love whenever possible, for in doing so we increase the level of good and joy and prosperity in our world, and so, it can be literally said that the level of God's presence is directly increased, and is therefore directly a function of our will to be godly.







From :


Public Charity Finances In 2013,


public charities reported over $1.74 trillion in total revenues 

and $1.63 trillion in total expenses.


Of the revenue:

21% came from contributions, gifts and government grants.
72% came from program service revenues, which include government fees and contracts.
7% came from "other" sources including dues, rental income, special event income, and gains or losses from goods sold.

(Source: NCCS Core Files 2013)

Public charities reported over $3 trillion in total assets in 2013.
(Source: NCCS Core Files 2013)



Do you see a problem?


1.74 trillion raised.  


1.63 trillion on expenses.  


Still leaves 110 Billion dollars, PER YEAR.


 Where is the money?    Seriously??  Where?


Well, it is not being spent on charity.  



Why should you support the Empirical Order?  


1) All leaders, and employees are limited to no more than minimum wage, salaried at forty hours a week. This is to prevent corruption and waste which normally drains most organizations wealth into the private pockets of their founders and managers, which should be a crime.


2) All funding raised goes into specific accounts designated to building specific religious centers, or a general account funding large scale communal housing systems. (To house all the previously homeless individuals who join and build this organization.)


3)  Each Empirical Church when placed in your neighborhood will provide numerious social services as well as full research based efforts into religious and scientific study, and will serve as a local training, education, and community network and planning  association, which if funded can also provide numerious disaster preparedness survival potentials for it's local community members.  (Food stock piling)


4)    The reality is, that using California as an example, the state has no less than 33,000 churches, and approximately 370,000 homeless persons, which rounds out to about 11 people per church, such that it is clear, the churches could of all solved for this problem already, but for some reason do not.

     We of the Empirical Order, are building these churches, to do what all the other churches refuse to do, or are unable to do.


   We ask for your help.